Ways to make train travel easier

When you’re planning a journey in the UK, you should seriously consider train travel. It’s more environmentally-friendly than driving, it’s often cheaper, and you can also admire the sites along the way.

Next time you book your train tickets, consider doing to following things to make it even easier and more enjoyable:

  1. Reserve a seat

train seats

When you reserve a seat on the train you can have your choice of its placement, including direction, aisle or window, quiet coach, and even table requirements.

For a lot of people, this saves the hassle of wondering if you’ll get work done or be able to enjoy a meal from the refreshments on board the train.

Train travel shouldn’t just be thought of as a mode of transport, for many, it should add your journey and you should be able to enjoy the views.

  1. Match your luggage to the journey

luggage rack

If you’re heading away for the weekend, you may only need a backpack or other hand-held luggage. This is easily stored in the overhead compartments above the seat on a train. There is plenty of room even if there is more than one of you travelling.

However, don’t shy away from using the large luggage space. If you’re bringing a musical instrument with you, or you’re heading to an airport or completely moving house, make the most of the space available and pack what you need into there!

  1. Get a mobile ticket

Avoid the queues at the ticket machine and have your train ticket sent to you via text. This option is available when you’re choosing your collection preferences.

Choosing this option gives you a shorter list of things to take care of and means you can have the extra time getting ready or packing. Of course, this is also eco-friendly and is a lot more convenient than having to remember to visit the ticket machine!

To book cheap train tickets online, visit www.nationalrail.com. Save more money on train travel by booking your tickets in advance. Tickets go on sale up to 12 weeks in advance.