Visiting England without a car

What should you expect and where should you go when planning a trip to England without a car? Here’s some inspiration from!

If you’re planning a trip from outside of the UK, England is a great destination for a simple car-free holiday! The train links are dispersed all over the country, train tickets are cheap, and the public transport is quite affordable and simple to manoeuvre.

Plus, travelling by train is more eco-friendly, allows you to see all the sights, and offers a more immersive cultural experience than being alone in a car!

Here are some tips on visiting England without a car and some of the best destinations to reach by train!

5 tips for using the UK railway system (for international tourists)

  1. Book your tickets in advance, when possible, and use a railcard if you qualify for one – this will keep prices low and ensure you can get to where you need to go at a good price!
  2. Pay attention to where you want to end up – many UK towns have numerous train stations, so do your research and choose the one closest to your desired destination to keep it simple.
  3. Don’t be alarmed if you get a decent-sized stack of train tickets when you pick them up at the station! It’s common to have a separate ticket for each leg of your journey, as well as a receipt that looks like a ticket.
  4. Many stations require you to scan your tickets through a barrier before getting to the platform – but don’t lose your ticket even though you scanned it through at this point! There will be a member of staff who checks your ticket on the train after it departs.
  5. At the end of your train journey: England train stations are usually connected to the city’s public transport links (especially in London!) as well as bus hubs, so it’s quite easy to get luggage to your hotel room without having to wander long distances through UK cities before getting settled.

Here are a few more tips for having a pleasant train journey while travelling around England by train.

The best English cities to visit without needing a car:

  • Take the train to Cambridge.

Travel about an hour from London to see one of the world’s top universities and the picturesque, historic city of Cambridge. Rent a bike to get around the city, visit one of the many festivals held in the town or book theatre tickets while you’re here.

  • Manchester by train

A scenic two-hour train journey from London gets you to North West England, where you can see gorgeous architecture, live music or enjoy English nightlife.

  • Train tickets to York

Visit the North East of England and the quaint village of York after a three-hour train journey from London. Yorkshire offers great scenery and loads of English heritage to keep you entertained, and it’s a great city for a nice walk!


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