Unusual haunted places in the UK

Take the train and explore these haunted locations in time for Halloween this year. The UK has an extensive history and many ghost stories, but here are some you may not have heard of before…


Eyam, Derbyshire.


Eyam, otherwise known as the ‘plague village’ in Derbyshire, is famous for an outbreak of the Black Death, the plague which killed millions of people across Europe in the 14th century. The plague spread to Eyam (pronounced ‘Eem’) from a contaminated material delivery from a tailor in London. In order to stop the spread of the plague, they decided to cut their village off completely, condemning themselves in the process. There are many ghost stories in this haunted village, so you will be sure to see something spooky on your trip.


The lost city of Dunwich, Suffolk.

Dunwich-past   Dunwich1

This tiny village has a large history. Dunwich once stood proud as the capital of the Kingdom of the Eastern Angles. But corrosion has swept away many buildings and people. Some say you can still hear the church bells ringing of the Suffolk Coast and shadow figures walking along the cliff.


Spice Island Inn, Portsmouth.


The Spice Island Inn, which is now a ‘Greene King’ branded pub, has over 900 years of gruelling history. It is claimed that many a drunken sailor staggered into this pub and never came out. Discover the many ghosts in and around this haunted drinking hole.


Treasurer’s House, Yorkshire.


Many people who visit the cellars of Treasurer’s House have reported seeing the ghosts of Roman soldiers walking through walls carrying weapons and shields. These stories are credited by the results of an archaeological search which revealed a Roman road 10 inches below the cellar floor.


Windhouse, Yell, Shetlands.


This 18th-century building was once a laird’s house, and underneath lay an old graveyard. When the current owners started renovation work they found two skeletons dating back to the 13th/14th century! Visit if you dare… and keep a watchful eye out for the little servant girl who mounts invisible steps and the famous ghost dog.


Visit these spooky places this Halloween… if you dare! Book your train tickets with nationalrail.com and save money. Some places may not be totally reachable by train, other public transports systems are available to take you the rest of the way!