Travel by train – the best UK castles!

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From the Norman occupation to Harry and Megan’s house – there’s a reason that the UK is famous for its castles. The UK has thousands of years of history and hundreds of historic sites to discover.

If you’re into creepy witches, horrible history or castles known for their Hollywood ties, there’s plenty to choose from.

Unfortunately, castles are renowned for their tricky locations. So, has compiled a list of the best castles that are accessible by train!

Edinburgh Castle

Walk in the footsteps of military legends, queens, kings and even a few pirates. Boldly located on top of Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle is a statement feature of the city’s skyline.

Created in the Iron Age as a military fortress – later becoming home to Queen Margaret and her family in the 1100s.

Inside the castle’s walls you will discover Edinburgh’s oldest building – Queen Margaret’s Chapel. You can explore the Great Hall, the Royal Palace and gaze at the oldest Crown jewels in the British Isles. Located just a short (uphill) walk from Edinburgh Waverly Station.

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Lancaster Castle

  Its beginnings date to the Roman times but the castle is mostly known for its ties to the criminal justice system – fascinatingly, serving as a working HM Prison up until 2011. Renowned for the largest witchcraft trials in England, the trial of two witching families – the Samlesbury witches and the Lancashire witches. Ten witches were hanged inside the castle walls. Today you can enjoy tour themes of witchcraft, incarceration and check out the working court. Located just 300 metres from Lancaster Train Station!




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Dover Castle

The birthplace of Operation Dynamo – the strategy that saved the lives of 300,000 French and British soldiers surrounded by German troops in Dunkirk.

Dover Castle is a popular set for Hollywood blockbusters appearing in Dunkirk, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Wind in the Willows and Doctor Who episodes.

Today you can take part in your very own Dunkirk experience in the secret wartime tunnels, discover the Underground hospital and the medieval Great Tower. Located just 26 minutes’ walk from Dover Priory Train Station.

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Windsor Castle

The oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. Home to British kings and queens for 1,000 years – including the lady-loving Henry VII and the reigning Queen today. Today you can explore the ceremonial state rooms, the former state apartments of Charles II and witness the changing of the guards! Keep an eye out for The Royal Standard flag – if it’s flying the Queen is in residence. Windsor Castle is just 4 minutes’ walk from Windsor Central Station.




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