Train travel hacks for a more relaxing journey

Why sit in traffic when you could be relaxing with a good book? Travelling by rail is quicker and more eco-friendly. To make your journey even more enjoyable we’ve compiled some ‘train travel hacks’ to help you get the most out of your journey.

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Listen out for upgrade tickets.

If the train is quite empty, upgrades are sometimes offered at a lower rate and are worth it if you had a long day and want to relax. However, upgrading after the hot food has finished might not be worth your money.


Avoid the first off-peak service.

If you are able to wait, try to get the second off-peak train as the first is usually a little busier.


Buy your food before you travel.

Making sure you have enough food and drink makes for a more relaxing journey knowing you have all you need, it also saves the pennies!


Pack light and take a carry on.

Having a bag that is easily stored above your head is more convenient than leaving your large luggage at the end of the carriage, especially on long journeys.


Avoid seats near the toilet or door.

The noise of people constantly moving past you and opening the door could be stressful if the train is busy and you want to concentrate or drift off.


Test your seat, table, footrest and electric plugs.

Ask for another seat if something isn’t working properly, especially if you are relying on the plugs to work for your devices.


You’ll feel less travel sick if you face the way the train is going.

When picking your seats in advance, try and always face the direction the train is travelling in, particularly if you often get travel sick.


Always bring headphones.

Train operators always try to ensure that carriages are enjoyable for everyone, but occasionally it might be handy to drown out the murmur of chit chat and drift off to your favourite tunes.


Always make sure you have one hand free.

Keeping one hand free allows for general convenience like opening doors and swiping your ticket. It also ensures you’re available to react if anything sudden and unexpected happens.



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