Train travel essentials

At times, train journeys seem to take a while, but it’s nothing a little bit of preparation can’t fix!

On modern day trains, there are ways to make a commute seem effortless – all you need are a few travelling essentials and you’re good to go.

Your laptop


With Wi-Fi readily available on the vast majority of trains, the possibilities are endless. You can check your e-mails, stream your favourite film or TV program, browse social media – it’s really up to you! And don’t worry about the battery draining, as plug sockets are right beside you for that all-important charger!

Books and magazines


Becoming engrossed in a good book is one of the best ways to pass the time when you’re travelling. Of course, these don’t need to be physical copies – travel lighter with a tablet or kindle-reader, and that way, you can bring a selection of books!

Food and drinks

If you find you’re craving something in particular, you can certainly bring items along and enjoy them on the train. You can always stop the food trolley as it passes you, or visit the kitchen on the train if you start to feel peckish later on.

Your railcard


Once you’ve made a 34% saving with your railcard, you must bring the card with you as well as your train ticket. If you lose your card, you can purchase another at staffed stations, which may be cheaper than buying another ticket.

If you don’t have a railcard, you can order one over the phone by calling 0191 387 1387.

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