Thorpe St. Peter – #OfftheBeatenTrack

#OfftheBeatenTrack is’s way of appreciating the locations across the UK that are off the radar, but still just as quirky as the larger cities.

In this edition of #OfftheBeatenTrack, we’re taking a trip to Thorpe St Peter. Surprisingly, this small town is full of great adventure for the whole family.

Town/city: Thorpe St. Peter near Skegness

Population: 320

By train: Step off at Thorpe Culvert train station. It’s found on the Nottingham –Skegness line with two daily services, however, there are none on a Sunday. Last year alone, the annual passenger traffic never passed 300 – but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s just a quiet village.

Things to do: Quite frankly, if you run out of things to do during your time here, you’re not looking hard enough for activities.

We suggest starting off in the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park which is only 11 minutes away from the train station. You can visit the Bengal tigers, see the UK’s largest parrot collection and also dine with reptiles (but being seated near them is completely optional!).

If you feel like you haven’t seen enough animals, head to the Natureland Seal Sanctuary. Enjoy the company of seals, penguins, alpacas, and even Royal pythons.



Big Kidz Karting is next on the list. Only 20 minutes away from Thorpe Culvert, you can easily access this spot to enjoy racing around the track with family and friends. The opening and closing times are weather dependent, but the track has flood lights on all year round!

Popular/famous tourist spots: St Peter’s Church is a quieter place to spend your time. Situated a short 3-miles from Thorpe Culvert train station, this church offers a serene environment that is popular with the locals.

Did you know? Thorpe Culvert is in Lincolnshire County, the same county where famous mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton was born. It is actually still possible to see the famous apple tree that provoked his thoughts on gravity from one of the bedroom windows of the manor house he was born in.

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