Take the train to visit family this Christmas


Christmas can be an, unfortunately, manic time of year. Among the gift-giving, song-singing and ever diminishing bank account figure, there is the worry that you may not get the chance to see the whole family.

The unpredictable UK weather can make it hard to decide whether or not to drive, fly or sometimes even walk. It’s for this reason, and a few others, why taking the train is the best way to get to see family this Christmas.

No traffic

Forget bumper to bumper traffic. It’s smooth sailing all the way on the train. The only stops you will have to make are the ones mapped out on the journey. This, in turn, makes the journey more relaxing. You can take a book to read or even watch a movie online as most trains now have Wi-Fi. You’re the passenger, so you can stop worrying about your surroundings and unwind.

Cheap and stable fares

Christmas time is expensive for everyone, although we usually try to save as much as possible. If you have relatives to visit over the festive season, you will find cheap fares at www.nationalrail.com for journeys all over the UK. There may be peaks in price around rush hour, however, you can even save money then by purchasing a Railcard. Save even more by booking your train journey in advance!

No baggage limit

If you’re visiting family or friends over Christmas, you will probably have gifts for them, either loosely in bags or in a huge suitcase. When you take the train, you won’t be charged for extra luggage or be stopped getting on. Whether you’ve brought handheld luggage or huge cases, there are places to store either size bag.

For the most part, taking the train is comfier, cheaper and takes less time than flying or driving. If you’re travelling around the UK to visit family, book your train tickets now at www.nationalrail.com!