A superhero’s guide to Marvel filming locations across the UK

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This article contains spoilers for lots of Marvel films!

Comic book subculture has shifted throughout the last decade. Conventions, screenings and stores that once hid in back alleys have merged onto high streets across the world.

Forgetting the age-old debate of Marvel vs DC, Fans came together for the release of the ‘final’ Avengers Film: Avengers End Game. The film cemented its place in history, breaking records with its $1.2 billion opening weekend.

Although the Marvel films and comics are heavily based in America. Fans don’t have to travel across the pond to visit all the filming locations. Why not grab your cosplay and head to one of the filming locations in the UK?

Phase one:

Captain America Northern Quarter


Strangely enough, the first film to record scenes in the UK is none other than Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). Manchester and Liverpool appear in the Marvel Universe because of the Victorian red brick resemblance to 1940s Brooklyn.

You’ll recognise Manchester’s Northern Quarter as the location of the car crash scene with assassin Heinz Kruger. The scene took place on Dale Street – also the location for thesecret lab inside Brooklyn Antiques Shop”. The second half of the faceoff between Captain America and Kruger takes a place on Stanley Dock in Liverpool.

Captain America Liverpool


Hackney Empire is the location of not just one but two scenes from the film. The original frail Steve Rodgers watches a cinematic reel. The second scene appears later in the film when Captain America is on stage with a group of female dancers.

Captain America Hackney Empire


Outside of the Marvel Universe “Camp Lehigh” is known as Black Park in Buckinghamshire. The park remains a favourite filming location for many army films.

You can pretend you’re having a pint with Captain America a pint in Crocker’s Folly, a pub in Maida Vale. The pub is famous for the drinking scene with Steve, Bucky and the howling commandos!

Phase two:

Have you always thought of yourself as a Norse God? You can walk in the footsteps of Thor in London. A significant amount of filming for Thor: The Dark World (2012) takes place here.

Catch the tube like the hunky Asgardian ruler but bear in mind the route he takes doesn’t exist anymore. Alternatively, you can dine in Oxo Tower Restaurant where Jane has her disastrous date.

Thor takes the tube


Like in the film, it’s technically illegal to run around Stonehenge naked like Dr Selvig – but you can certainly visit the spot with a guided tour.

The ending battle features iconic locations across London. Malekith’s vertical spacecraft cuts through the Royal Naval College and St Paul’s Cathedral. The battle ends as Thor and Malekith scrap whilst sliding down the iconic Gherkin building,

Thor Battle Scene


You may be surprised to know that some of the locations in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) are based on London locations. You may recognise the bridge from the Alien City as the Millennium Footbridge. The Lloyd’s Building is also a major piece of the Alien City skyline.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) begins after the collapses of SHIELD. At the start of the film the Avengers storm the Hyrdra Research Facility in Sokovia – the start of the attack was filmed in Hawley Woods, Hampshire.

Captain America Ballroom


Wanda uses her mind-altering powers to throws Captain America into a flashback to the 1940. The flashback is shot inside the Rivoli Ballroom in South London.

The film ends with the newly constructed Avengers HQ in upstate New York. The HQ is based on the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich.

Phrase three:

Doctor Strange (2016) was filmed in New York, Hong Kong and London. During the portal shifts, there is lots of shots of London. The most memorable when Doctor Strange is confronted by the Ancient One at the Great Scotland Yard junction.

In another scene the Ancient One is seen strolling down Northumberland Avenue towards Trafalgar Square. Eventually the ancient one falls to her death from a Manhattan building, travels through the portals to die on Ropemaker Street.

Ancient Ones Death


A huge battle scene in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) takes place in the streets of Edinburgh. After Wanda and Vision retire to Edinburgh, they’re wandering down Cockburn Street past a kebab shop.

The couple end up being attacked by Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight of the Black Order. The fight takes place across a number of Edinburgh sites City Chambers, St’ Giles Cathedral and Parliament Square.

Avengers Edinburgh


The fight comes to a halt when the couple crash through the iconic glass roof of Edinburgh Waverly Station. Their fate looks bleak until Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon appear on Platform 4 to save the day.

In the most recent installation from the Marvel Universe, Avengers: End Game (2019) you’ll be familiar with Thor’s new look and the look of New Asgard. New Asgard is filmed in the picturesque Scottish village St Abb’s.

St Abbs

Future movies:

It’s been reported that Spider-man: Far From Home (2019) has been filmed in Britain. We’ll have to wait and see which UK locations make the cut. The film will be released on July 5th!

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