Podcasts to get you through your commute!

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Listening to music, reading and studying are typical activities for your commute, but with train occupation at its highest (especially during commute hours) there’s hardly any room to squeeze your book or laptop out.

A recent study has shown that people will commute up to 45 minutes to live in a better area, so if you work 5 days a week you could be travelling for up 7.5 hours – don’t waste this time!

If you haven’t joined the hype already, podcasts have developed significantly since the iPod days – podcasts are now more popular than ever with a range of educational and entertaining themes available.

Finding the perfect podcast can be tumultuous, so to help you out Nationalrail.com  has compiled a list of the best podcasts for your commute.

Laugh out loud podcasts:

Lovett or Leave It:

The world can be a pretty serious place – people actively avoid the news because of the negativity! ‘Lovett or Leave It’ takes the opposite approach, the best way to deal with the news is to laugh at it!

Love it or Leave it podcast


My Dad Wrote a Porno:

Jaime Morton discovered his father’s unconventional hobby – writing erotic novels. This awkward, hilarious podcast will have you laughing out loud on the train journey, just hope you don’t accidentally play it out loud!

My Dad Wrote a Porno Podcast


Beauty and health:

The Beauty Brains:

Your beauty questions busted by scientists and doctors! This podcast explores the science behind fitness and beauty myths. It will help you cut through the junk and jargon of the beauty world.

Beauty Podcast


Full Coverage:

Ageism to plastic surgery – nothing is off limits with this beauty podcast. This podcast is humorous, controversial and provocative with a range of guests from doctors to make up artists.

Beauty Podcast




If you’re a serial podcaster, you’ll know about this award-winning podcast. ‘Serial’ follows the true crime murder of 18-year-old Hae Min Lee. The series is now onto the third season, following a different true crime story in each.

Crime Podcast Serial


The Trail Went Cold:

Unlike other crime podcasts, each episode is stand-alone and follows a mysterious cold case. Don’t worry – there’s no supernatural elements but if you’re one for conclusions – stay away, these cases are still unsolved!

Trauk went cold podcast



The Guardian UK: Politics Weekly:

Political editor Heather Stewart and political correspondent Jessica Elgot join weekly to unravel the biggest stories in UK politics with help from correspondents and political experts.

Guardian Politics Podcast


Talking Politics:

Presented by Cambridge University professor David Runciman, this weekly podcast looks at international politics and domestic affairs. Runciman is joined by a regular panel of academics and one-off guests.

Talking Politics Podcast



What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito:

NYC hip hop legends DJ Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia host this straightforward interview show bringing humour, knowledge and warmth to music journalism. Guests include Stevie Wonder, Chance the Rapper and Regina King.

What's good music podcast

Must hear:

The Joe Rogan Experience:

Presented by comedian, sports commentator and actor Joe Rogan – anybody who is anyone is listening to this podcast!  A mixed bag of popular topics and guests from Kanye West to controversial entrepreneur Elon Musk – this podcast is not to be missed.

Joe Rogan Podcast


If your commute is by train, don’t forget to book your cheap train tickets with Nationalrail.com  and tune in to these popular podcasts!