#Offthebeatentrack – Perth

#OfftheBeatenTrack is NationalRail.com’s tribute to the tracks less travelled – finding hidden gems amongst towns and stations that don’t regularly attract the headlines or the limelight.

Today, we are looking at Perth. No, not that one – the administrative capital of Western Australia would be particularly hard to reach by train. Instead, we are looking at the town that gave Perth, Australia its name: Perth, Perthshire.

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Town/city: Perth.

Population: 47,180.

By train: The station currently hosts just under one million passengers per year, which is almost double the levels seen in 2002.

Things to do: Castles and history. Perth is home to some incredibly well-preserved historical buildings and has played a huge part in Scotland’s history.

St. John’s Kirk of Perth is one of Scotland’s most important burgh churches. It is Perth’s most ancient building, and sits at the very centre of the old Royal Burgh. Its unique broach spire has dominated Perth for over 500 years.

Perth Concert Hall is a brand new building that is home to an exciting programme of music, new media arts, community events and conferences.

The concert hall has a year-round music programme of world-class classics, world and Scottish traditions, living legends, breaking artists and more.  Look out too for a mix of comedy, dance, film and children’s events.

If you fancy leaving the city for a while, Perth lies at the heart of Perthshire, which is one of the most outstandingly beautiful parts of Scotland. That’s quite the compliment, given the competition it has. This makes Perth the perfect city base for a walking holiday.

Popular/famous tourist spots: Scone Palace was the crowning place of Scottish kings where Macbeth, Robert the Bruce and Charles II were once crowned.

Scone breathes history like nowhere else in Scotland. It is the family home of the Earls of Mansfield and the ancient crowning place of Scottish kings on the stone of Scone. See where the Stone of Scone, known as the Stone of Destiny, once stood. It now resides in Edinburgh Castle.

Scone Palace is also home to bedhangings, embroidered by Mary, Queen of Scots, while she was imprisoned on Loch Leven.

Did you know? Perth was once capital of Scotland and was made a city again by the Queen as par to her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012.

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