#OfftheBeatenTrack – Aviemore

#OfftheBeatenTrack is NationalRail.com’s tribute to the tracks less travelled – finding hidden gems amongst towns and stations that don’t regularly attract the headlines or the limelight.

Today, we venture to Aviemore, a holiday location at the footsteps of the Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands.

Town/city: Aviemore

Population: 2,397

By train: Part of the Highland Railway, the Aviemore Train Station hosts 141,000 passengers annually.

Things to do: Skiers, take note: this is one of the country’s top ski areas. Stay at a chalet at one of the three ski centres in the Cairngorms National Park, or find an Aviemore bed and breakfast. Feeling brace? Tiger run in Glenshee is a well-known, challenging black run.

The Highlands are among the top destinations for viewing the Aurora Borealis and, with a bit of luck, visitors may spot the gorgeous greens and purples of this spectacle while in town. Sign up for notifications from Aurora Watch UK to find out when Aviemore offers a view of the Northern Lights.

If you feel the need to venture to Aviemore this November, the local, free Christmas market is on through 28 November.

Popular/famous tourist spots: Three miles outside of Aviemore is the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre, a fascinating way to learn about sled dog racing. Watch training sessions, meet the team, take a museum tour or go all-out with a sleddog safari!

Did you know? Aviemore is located close to Glen More, where the only freely-grazing reindeer herd in the United Kingdom can be spotted.

It is also home to the Aviemore Stone Circle and Ring Cairn, which was likely built around 4000 years ago by farmers and herdsmen.

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