New railcard for 26-30 year olds to be launched?

Millennials are rejoicing this week as rumours of a new railcard that will give cheaper rail fares to 26-30 year olds, are floating around the internet.

Up until now, twenty-somethings have been able to get a three-year railcard just before their 24th birthday, meaning 33% off train travel until they reach age 27. This is all well and good if you actually remember to apply for the card in time, otherwise the 16-25 railcard is, as you would imagine, only available until you are 25.

We are often hearing in the news that many under 30s can’t afford to buy a house, and it’s no secret that the average cost of living is much higher now than in previous generations. So any way of saving money will, we imagine, be gratefully received!


How do we know this is happening?

This news has come from a document that was circulated on a UK rail forum, appearing to be an internal Rail Delivery Group briefing to staff dated last month.

The chancellor Philip Hammond is expected to unveil the scheme in his Autumn budget, on 22nd November 2017.

The railcard is supposedly going to be tested in the Greater Anglia area from early December, with 10,000 railcards being made initially available – this number increasing in the New Year when, if the document is to be believed, the railcard will then be available to the rest of the nation from early 2018 for a trial period.

This has been neither confirmed nor denied by The Rail Delivery Group, but has got a lot of people understandably excited!

Here at, we will gladly be supporting this new railcard, as well as always doing our bit to help you find the cheapest train tickets.