Baby on Board badges – giving chivalry a helping hand


Chivalry certainly isn’t dead in Britain – but sometimes it needs a helping hand or a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Which is why has produced some badges for pregnant women to wear which, we hope, will encourage people to give up their seat for them on busy journeys.

As easy as our booking system is, it’s not always practical to reserve a seat, especially if you’re a daily rail commuter.

Asking for a seat on the the train can sometimes be difficult, but if you have one of our Baby on Board badges, passengers are more likely to see that you may need a seat. The badges aim to combat any awkwardness that may be felt when asking someone to give up their seat, and it also lets passengers in priority seats know when they should give them up.

Of course, our badges also neatly help to circumvent the potential embarrassment of giving up your seat for a pregnant lady who turns out not to be pregnant…

Our badges are totally free – you just need to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

Baby on Board Badge
Chester-le-Track Ltd
The Railway Station, Station Road
Co. Durham DH3 3EE

Oh, and if reading this blog has left you with this song in your head, we can only apologise: