Millennial railcard launching nationwide in early 2018

On December the 6th, the very first 26-30 millennial railcards will be offered to 10,000 customers of the Greater Anglia network as part of the trial scheme before being launched nationwide early next year.

The new railcard will give customers a third off off-peak fares, and a daily cap on off-peak Oyster card usage. The card will offer benefits similar to the 18-25 railcard and can be purchased up to or on the day before the person turns 31.

The card will be available to be purchased online only and users will be required to download the Railcard app. The briefing document also suggests that the railcard will run on an annual basis, will be used nationwide and will work with all companies.

It is understood this is a part of a wider government initiative to offer better deals for young people and to increase the support of young voters.

Jacqueline Starr, managing director of customer experience at the Rail Delivery Group, said: “Our plan to change and improve rail journeys, for now and the long term, will see the railway playing an even greater role in supporting people to make journeys that help forge relationships.’’

Rail Delivery Group chief executive, Stephen Joseph, said: “It’s a great idea. One of the problems with the current fare structure is that it does not give enough discounts for younger people around this age. But fare reform needs to go a lot further, especially for people in part-time work.’’


What do we think about the new railcard?

It’s interesting to see a trial period happen when it has already been announced that the new railcard will go nationwide. The Rail Delivery Group has said it is only issuing 10,000 cards to start with but do not let that put you off trying to get one. If people want to buy more railcards we can’t see them setting a limit.

Overall, we believe it’s good news for the rail industry and people who can benefit from it.

At, we will be honouring the new railcards as soon as they are rolled out.