LNER offer the chance to name an Azuma train!


It has been a year since the LNER Azuma train ‘zoomed’ into our lives. If you are a train lover or a railway enthusiast, you will be aware of how exciting this has been for the railway industry.

Whilst travel is still not advised due to the coronavirus pandemic, let us reminisce about the journey the Azuma takes. The Azuma train travels between several popular destinations including London, Leeds, York, Newcastle, and Edinburgh.

The trains have been designed to create a more comfortable, faster, and eco-friendly journey. The train is named after the Japanese word for ‘east’, fitting as the train takes its journey down the east coast of the UK.

Launched in May 2019, the fleet have now travelled over 5 million miles and have taken over 4 million people to their destination. The most exciting part is that the trains release 35% less carbon emissions than other trains.

How to win the chance to name an Azuma train:

To celebrate the Azuma trains first birthday, LNER are taking suggestions to name one of the fleet. The competition brings flashbacks to one ran by a UK environmental agency, allowing the public to vote for the name of their new polar research boat.

Boaty McBoatface quickly became the front runner and a viral sensation, the ship was however named the Sir David Attenborough, with one of its smaller vessels taking the former.

For your chance to become a viral sensation (or simply just name a train), you may come up with fun names for the Azuma like ‘Trainy McTrainface’ or ‘Zoomy Azuma’.  However, the company has suggested naming the train after someone recognisable in the community or a famous landmark instead.

You can find out how to enter the competition to name the Azuma train here. If you have any questions regarding rail travel during this time, check out our contact page. If you want to plan future journeys remember to get the cheapest train tickets at nationalrail.com.