Guide to travelling safely during the pandemic:

Safe travels

The government recently announced that from 15th June it is illegal to travel without wearing a face covering on public transport – this includes bus, coach, train, and trams.

With numerous announcements, sometimes guidance is not always clear, however it is important to acknowledge that travelling by rail is still not recommended. If you do have to travel, we have created a guide on how to travel safely during these times.

1. Book your tickets in advance. Preparation is key, so try to plan your journey during less busy hours, avoiding peak travel times.
2. Go contactless. When you purchase your tickets, choose the e-ticket option, which means you will not have to touch ticket barriers and your conductor will not have to touch your tickets.
3. Make a seat reservation. Many services have made this compulsory – this is for your safety and means you will not have to sit next to others.
4. Check your timetable for updates so you can minimise your time in the station. Whilst arriving early for your train is essential, it’s best not to spend extra time in public places.
5. Most services are not offering catering, but in general it is suggested that you avoid eating and drinking. If it is necessary for you to eat during long journeys make sure you bring your own snacks and sanitise your hands before and after.
6. Stick to social distancing guidelines. Stay two metres away from everybody except those in your household.
7. As mentioned, it is now compulsory to wear a mask on all public transport and is also suggested that you wear gloves.

If you are planning a trip soon, check out some of our tips on how to save money on train tickets. For those who have questions about travelling during this time you can contact us with any questions, or you can book train tickets here.