Get the latest edition of the National Rail Map in time for Christmas

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The latest edition of the National Rail Map commemorates the achievement of Geoff Marshall and Vicki Pipe in visiting all the stations in Great Britain in summer 2017.

The map shows stations in Northern Ireland, showing all station names, three letter codes (new), stations under construction and stations with restricted service.  It’s ideal as a gift for a rail enthusiast or for business people who travel and need to know where there is a station, which operators serve them, and what routes are they on.

The map size is 64cm wide by 100cm deep, small print but sharp. Take a little look of the map below, don’t worry the watermark won’t appear on prints ordered.

National Rail Map

The prices are:

  • Single copy by post £17.70.
  • Two copies: £25.70 (£12.85 each)
  • Three copies: £35.70 (£11.90 each)
  • Four copies: £45.70 (£11.42 each)
  • Five copies: £55.70 (£11.14 each)
  • Six copies: £65.70 (£10.95 each)


To order a map or multiple maps by post in time for Christmas, please visit this page -

Please order by 19 December for delivery before Christmas. 

Maps are available in person from Chester-le-Street and Eaglescliffe stations for £10 each.