Geoff and Vicki from All the Stations visit Chester-le-track!

geoff and vicki all the stations at chester le street

Have you heard of the couple who travelled to ALL of the train stations in Great Britain? They stopped for a visit and chat with Chester-le-Track owner, Alex Nelson. Here’s an overview of their time at our train station! 



Geoff Marshall and Vicki Pipe created a documentary entitled ‘All the Stations’ which details their journey to every railway station in the UK.

Chester-le-Street and Eaglescliff Station, which are both run by the owner of, were two of the 2,563 stations the couple visited on their three-month-long journey.

Stationmaster Alex Nelson was delighted to be able to chat with the train fanatics, and shared some of his train knowledge with the two!

Vicki was surprised to learn that only about twenty of all 2,653 railway stations in the UK are run by independent stationmasters – and that Alex is the ONLY person in the UK who runs two independent train stations!

chester le track station chester le track station sign eaglescliff railway station

Watch the full video to learn more about Chester-le-Track - we offer great prices on train tickets online from or from our stations, in person or by phone. We also are working on an updated version of our UK stations poster to include All the Stations!