Four apps for a more comfortable train journey!

phone apps for train journey

Whilst travelling by rail is currently not advised, we cannot blame you for fantasising about your next trip. One of the things that comes to mind when planning a train journey is how to stay comfortable on board.

If there is one item you almost always have on a train journey it is your phone. So, here is a list of apps to make your train journey more enjoyable and stress-free:


Lugging a book around can be annoying, they take up a lot of space and are often quite heavy. Why not try a podcast instead? The Apple Podcasts app offers all the top podcasts and you can download the audio for offline listening.


Moovit has all the public transport information you could ever need. You can find out the quickest way to your destination and check up to date timetables – perfect for those who worry about missing the last train home.

Seat Frog

Not all of us can travel first class everywhere we go, but Seat Frog offers discounted first-class travel. Once you are on board the train you can bid for the remaining first-class seats, this is one of the industry’s best kept secrets!


We have all been there, the conductor starts walking round and you realise you have forgotten your railcard. This does not need to happen anymore; download the Railcard app onto your phone and you will never have to bring your physical copy.

If you are looking for ways to save money on future train journeys, you can find our money saving tips here. Remember, whenever you are purchasing train tickets you can get the cheapest deals with