6 Amazing Gifts for Railway Enthusiasts:

The festive season is here and, as usual, everyone is scouring the internet for the perfect gift. The difficulty comes with the realisation that you’re buying for your favourite rail enthusiast but know nothing about their hobby!

There’s nothing worse than seeing their disappointed face when your gift isn’t right on track. Fear not – there is a range of gifts available that will blow their socks off!

This blog presents (mind the pun) a collection of gifts that are ideal for your favourite rail fanatic, young or old! – NationalRail.com’s Stationmaster Alex Nelson especially loves numbers three and six!

1. An A-Z of Famous Express Trains:

Regardless of whether they are a budding enthusiast starting out in the rail world or a seasoned hobbyist, this A-Z of Famous Express Trains is a perfect gift to inform or reminisce. Available for click and collect here:

National Rail Trains


2. Personalised Name Train:

Is this a gift for the parents or gift for the child? Maybe it’s a gift for both – this personalised train set is beautiful decoration for a child’s bedroom and could just spark their interest in trains! Available here:


Train toy national rail



3. The NationalRail.com Map:

Just in time for Christmas the latest edition of the NationalRail.com Map has been released, including new three letter codes, station under construction and stations with restricted service. An excellent gift for both business rail travellers and rail lovers alike. Available here:

National Rail Map


4. Ferroequinology mug:

For those who don’t know, Ferroequinology is the study of trains. Now you can impress your railfan by pretending you knew this already with this cheeky mug. Available here:

National Rail Mug


5. Hornby R1155 Virgin Trains Pendolino Train Set:

This dynamic and quality train set is highly rated amongst train lovers of all ages. This impressive set contains a tilting mechanism. No longer available via Hornby, this set is widely in demand – so might even appreciate in value! Available here:

Virgin Trains National Rail



6. Train Ride to their Favourite Destination:

Sometimes simplicity is the most effective gift giving tool, combine a train journey with a favourite destination and you are on to a winner! Tickets available here: https://www.nationalrail.com/

National Rail destination



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