4 reasons taking the train is better for the environment

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular to live ethically, eat ethically and holiday ethically. This also includes consciously planning your journey to reduce your carbon footprint and ‘doing your bit’ to save the environment! Here we have listed the top four reasons why you should consider taking the train instead of driving for your next trip.


1. Less CO2 emissions

Most transport produces CO2 emissions which are harmful for the environment and for our personal health. Taking the train is a much more efficient way of moving a large number of people than individual cars, and therefore produces less CO2. Fewer cars on the road means lower pollution levels, which helps improve our health and air quality.


2. Saving energy

Rail travel uses less energy per mile and per person than travelling by car does. Worldwide, road users account for about 71% of transport CO2 emissions. While the invention of more eco-friendly cars are becoming more widely available, rail is still the best option if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.


3. Space saving

The UK – and England in particular – is small and densely populated. Frequent and long traffic jams are a major problem on the main A-roads connecting the major cities. If there were fewer cars on the roads, and more people catching the train, then everything might run a little smoother.


4. Safety

Injuries and accidents whilst driving or being a passenger in a car are a far too common occurrence. It is far safer to take the train if you are tired, have been indulging in alcohol, or need to make important phone calls.



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